Richard Newell Associates

Coastal Fisheries

Fish Stocks

Richard Newell Associates specialise in the assessment of the nature and distribution of fish and shellfish stocks in near-shore waters.

Further, we are able to assist in the design of cost-effective surveys to monitor likely impacts on resources of economic significance. This work is of central importance in the event of claims made against clients for alleged impacts on fish and shellfish resources of commercial significance.

Estuaries and near-shore waters

Near-shore waters support fisheries resources of considerable economic significance as well as having and important role as a breeding ground and nursery areas for many fish and shellfish species.

Estuaries in particular are recognised as of importance as a breeding and nursery ground for sole and other fish of commercial significance. This is in addition to supporting shellfish resources that form the principal commercial fishery in some areas.


Latest news

Falmouth Port Development

Richard is currently Chairman of an Independent Science Advisory Panel appointed by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to advise on issues related to experimental relocation of maerl habitat to offset the potential impacts of dredging of the approach channel to Falmouth Port.

Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme

Richard has recently completed an appointment as external reviewer of proposals submitted to the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme.

Publication of Latest Book on Aggregate Dredging (See Publications page)

This book summarises current industry practice and the results of research commissioned through the Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (MALSF) and other sources.

Newell,R.C. & Woodcock, T.A. (eds). 2013. Aggregate Dredging and the Marine Environment: An Overview of recent research and current industry practice. The Crown Estate, 165 pp. ISBN: 978-1-906410-41-4.

Major Marine Phosphate Dredging Project off the Pacific Coast of Mexico

Richard was appointed as Chief Scientist in 2013 by Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc and Exploraciones Oceanicas to advise on the environmental impact assessment of a major marine phosphate sands dredging project off the west coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico.